145: With Sophie Shepherd

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This week we're joined by Sophie Shepherd. Sophie is a Senior Designer at Happy Cog Austin, organizes the Austin Dribbble Meetup, and teaches at Girl Develop It.



Sophie Shepherd

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Sophie is a design manager at Github.

Time Jump Links

  • 19:40 How do I choose the right font for my website?
  • 28:20 I have been doing web design and development for a while and I'm wondering whether I should start blogging. Would you recommend hosting a blog with Github+Jekyll or go with a standard Wordpress blog?
  • 35:00 I teach web design and development at a community college in Michigan. We have a Special Topics class that allow us to teach just about anything. This Spring semester I have a class on Emerging Web technologies. What sort of topics should be discussed in a class like this?
  • 42:19 When dealing with overlays, do you prefer to have them centered on the screen, or offset from the top?
  • 52:00 What’s your experience/opinion on R&D within companies, and should everyone has its own project? (For example: how Grunt fits in the company workflow)
  • 58:40 I work with Wordpress and create custom themes using a Bootstrap grid. I can develop roughly quickly, completing a site in 3 to 5 days. My coworker uses the same Wordpress theme for all the projects, but gets praise for his quick turnaround time. Should I sacrifice my opportunity to grow for job security, or perhaps start looking elsewhere? Is this a new business trend, quantity over quality?