javascript mvc frameworks

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  1. Episode 255

    Rapidfire 85

    On this RapidFire episode we answer your questions on QA processes, accessibility on a gallery of pictures, gulp, Dave explains something like you're 5, why are there bugs in software, and how to justify mobile site development to stakeholders? All this and a bit of a follow up on this episode of ShopTalk Show!
  2. Episode 195

    With Brenna O’Brien

    We're joined by Brenna O'Brien who works at TED and also helps with NodeSchool. We answer some of your questions with some of our answers before getting in to a discussion on the cost of frameworks.
  3. Episode 179


    This week it's a RAPIDFIRE episode where Chris and Dave answer your questions and Dave has important ideas come to him in the shower. GRABOWSKI!
  4. Episode 146

    With Jed Schmidt

    This week we're joined by Jed Schmidt. Jed is a javascript developer and resident web nerd at UNIQLO in NYC. We take a deep dive with Jed into Javascript and front-end frameworks.
  5. Episode 113

    Rapidfire 26

    This week it's another RAPIDFIRE!!! Nothing but HOT question & answer action!