215: With Khoi Vinh

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This week we get to chat with Khoi Vinh, Director of Product Design, Mobile at Adobe about the tools we use right now to build and design with and also what the future might look like.

Q & A

  • 16:50 How have you seen tools evolve and where could you see tools grow more?
  • 20:30 What apps are hot in design these days?
  • 23:59 Using Figma in the browser and Framer.
  • 32:30 How many of you pirated Photoshop as a kid?
  • 36:30 What are wrenches that throw off design tools?
  • 38:30 Corporate style guides as output from a design tool.
  • 40:30 Comparing a 2010 wishlist by Jason Santa Maria to today’s state of apps.
  • 42:40 What tools and process does Khoi use for projects?
  • 45:00 Designing on the device in front of you?
  • 51:45 Future of design tools?



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