051: With Drew Wilson

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This week we were joined by Drew Wilson, a designer and developer (a true cross-bread powerhouse) out of Oceanside, California. Drew created the first widely popular icon font, Pictos. He is a conference organizer, producing ValioCon. He's the creator of web apps like Space Box and Dialoggs. The list goes on and on. We talk about (roughly in order):



Drew Wilson

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Drew is a designer and developer based in California.

Time Jump Links

  • Drew and Josh Long wrote a new book called Execute (in 8 days)
  • Chris decided BuiltItWithMe should get popular again
  • The diversity at conferences drama hits a fever pitch
  • Google Maps says they won't support Windows Phone 8, then retracts statement
  • Windows Phone 8 meta viewport / @-ms-viewport debacle
  • Follow up on RSI talk
  • What is a good CDN for a personal website? Is there a free one? (CloudFlare)
  • How do copyrights work on websites? Is putting the © somewhere on the site enough to protect it? Even the name?
  • How do you allocate time to your side projects?
  • Is there some magical listing of jobs that only shows remote work opportunities?
  • Do we have any accessiblility tips?