028: With Allison House

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This week we were joined by by the amazing designer and "pixel perfectionist" Allison House. Allison has worked with a number of big web/tech education companies like Treehouse and Code Academy. We talk about (roughly in order):



Allison House

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Allison is a freelance designer and educator.

Time Jump Links

  • Prism
  • Other podcasts Chris likes
  • How do you get better at Photoshop?
  • How often should you change jobs?
  • Should you stick with what you know to get work done, or always be learning?
  • What are the new layout methods and when can we start using them?
  • Do we use CSS grid systems?
  • Can you transition pseudo elements? (not really, yet)
  • What is the benefit of semantic markup? Why is HTML5 even a thing?