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272 Color Accessibility with Geri Coady

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Geri Coady

Web // Twitter

Colour-obsessed illustrator + designer.

Show Description

We're talking color (colour if you please) on this episode: deciding on color, figuring out how many colors to use, and making sure people can actually see the color you intended are all part of the fun of designing on the web. We've got Geri Coady on to help us figure out why color accessibility is important and how to get started.

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  • Enjoyed the show, thanks

    What color contrast checker are you using?

    • J.M.Smith

      I’d like to know this too guys – I missed the name of the color checker that one of the hosts checked his designs against during the show. There’s a few Chrome extensions that seem to do it, but wondering which Ms. Coady or the hosts prefer.

    • Dave Rupert

      I use Colour Contrast Analyser from Paciello Group.

      There are some new hipster’y ones for Mac but this one gets the job done.

  • XepeBlanco

    Nice advices,
    Thanks !

  • MarkV

    As a dev with Red/Green colour blindness, this show really struck a cord with me. Form validation and validation in general is one area we should all really focus on. I can’t remember the number of times I’ve filled a form out incorrectly only to spend 5mins + trying to figure out where the error is. Only then to realise the input has a thin red line around the input at fault and the error text is small and also in red. In my code editor of choice (VS Code), I’ve had to change warning messages to display in blue and errors in yellow as a red squiggle is very hard to find. This convention is something we all should really think about, even the spell check on this form uses this convention….. Oh and I know how your room mate used to feel Dave. This is a snap shot of Red/Green colour blindness fun I’ve experienced in my life.

    Ask wife, “Where is my brown jacket?”, she replies, “You don’t have a brown jacket, it’s green!” Only had it for 2 years.

    Bought a dark blue car only to find out 12 months later when while I was looking for it with a friend in a shopping center carpark it was dark purple.

    Same shopping center introduced a new parking system that has 2 leds above each carpark. Red means the car space is full, green means it is empty and free to park in. I drive around thinking, ‘oh they’ve added courtesy lights so you don’t have to park in the dark’. They should have just put one led light on each park highlights it was available and saved themselves some money on power bills 🙂

  • Mia Mollie

    Before working as a dev, I worked in content management for a furniture/homewares site. With the magento set up we were using, each product had to be labelled with a colour – so if we had a bedding set, and it came in 5 different shades of green, then we had to come up with 5 different “green” colour labels. At one point I audited the whole thing, trying to get it back to just colour, dark + colour, light + colour, but sometimes there was no avoiding it and dumb names like “chartreuse” etc kept creeping back in. Even *I* found it frustrating to use the site, and I knew what the system was supposed to be!

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