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159 With Addy Osmani

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Addy Osmani

Web // Twitter

Addy is an engineer at Google working on Google Chrome.

Show Description

Addy Osmani is an engineer at Google, where he works on Chrome & Polymer. Addy is also the creator of TodoMVC, @Yeoman, Web Starter Kit, and the author of JavaScript Design Patterns.

He joined us to talk frameworks, performance, JavaScript, and more.

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  • Pepijn Olivier

    Seems like the download path is incorrect

    • chriscoyier

      Seems to work for me – what are you seeing?

  • I recall in this episode you guys discussed some rule of thumb benchmarks for page load, but also interactions, e.g. response time for results of touch events. Is there anywhere you can point to where these (rough) standards are documented?

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