074: With Noah Stokes

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This week we were joined by Noah Stokes, founder and partner of Bold (a web design studio) as well as a designer and front end coder with the best of them. Noah is also a professional newscaster, blogger‘, and speaker. We talked about (roughly in order):


Q & A

  • 22:03 How do you normally work with displaying fractions on sites?
  • 26:48 Noah, what is it about ExpressionEngine that you like so much?
  • 39:32 Icon fonts versus inline SVG. Go!
  • 42:28 I have been researching layout approaches and the Golden Ratio seems to be a common standard. I am concerned that making the site responsive may break this “divine proportion”. What are your thoughts or strategies you use?
  • 47:50 How do you plan for a conference? What do you plan, what do you take with you, and once you’re there how do you make the most of your time and your ticket?
  • 54:29 What are professional designer and coder thoughts on the Adobe Tools and Services and especially Edge Code / Brackets?


  • 46:36 Environments for Humans – The CSS Summit is an online conference focused totally on CSS July 23–25. Three full days of training, advanced topics, and preprocessors. Coupon code SHOPTALK is good for 20% off.
  • 37:15 DevTees http://devte.es
    • Dev Tees is a collection of t-shirts and apparel for programmers, developers and generally nerdy folk.
    • The inaugural line has 9 shirt designs, plus the original hacker t-shirt, and the code hoodie.


  • Great show as ever, guys. On displaying fractions without extra markup, one solution that wasn’t mentioned is OpenType ligature fonts, which fulfil the requirements of the questioner: clients type in a numerator and divisor separated by a slash into the CMS, and the font automatically transforms the numerals into a fraction with correct layout. Downsides are the relative paucity of embeddable OpenType fonts with these particular features, and browser support (all recent browsers are fine, but you’d need some sort of polyfill alternative for IE8).

  • Michael Whyte

    Another excellent show…

    I just wanted to share that another code editor by Adobe based on Brackets is Adobe Edge Code CC …which is basically Brackets plus integration of Adobe Edge Tools like Edge Inspect and Edge Web Fonts…

    Live reload (changes are reflected close to instantly in Chrome while you edit CSS) comes with Adobe Edge Code built in (and probably Brackets as well)…which is nice…

    The current CC version supports native SASS/LESS code colouring