072: With Raquel Velez

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This week we were joined by Raquel Velez, an all around web and robot hacker focusing on Node.js at the moment at Storify. We talked about (roughly in order):


Q & A

  • 14:50 I was wondering if you could talk about what the ideal scenario is to use Node.js over another development stack like Rails or Django. Are there things that Node handles exceptionally better than the other guys? Are there things that Node doesn’t handle as well?
  • 31:08 I have a question for you and Raquel. What would be a real world application on a small scale that you would build from Node.js, ember.js, or backbone.js?
  • 40:40 Where do you get inspiration for tackling robot/complex projects with nodeJS? do you always start with a clearly defined problem, or do you explore with code?
  • 49:40 I recently started working for a company as a front-end developer using Node. Personally, I love development work and my first programming language was PHP (With LESS and jQuery). What other libraries and languages would you recommend to help me move forward in my career, that aren’t just trendy but are expected to be around for awhile?
  • 56:15 What should I do to practice my web coding and design over the summer?


More Raquel


  • My little knowledge says that node and browser both use same javascript (ECMAScript) the difference is browser provides apis to manipulate dom and node provides api to do much more then that like manipulating filesystem.

  • There is a mix of nodejs and webkit which allows you to build desktop applications with javascript. http://github.com/rogerwang/node-webkit

  • Node is based on Google’s V8 javascript engine.