334: How to Think Like a Front-End Developer with Brad Frost

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Continuing in our series, Brad Frost stops by to give us his thoughts on front-end development work in 2018 and walks us through our Dribbble shots experiment. (Links to the images are below in the show notes or on your podcast player.)



Brad Frost

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A web designer, speaker, writer, consultant, and musician in beautiful Pittsburgh, PA. Author of Atomic Design.

Time Jump Links

  • 2:40 Do you think of yourself as a front-end developer Brad?
  • 5:40 Is front-end development having an identity crisis?
  • 10:10 What do you see in the clients you work with?
  • 12:10 Updating 100s of comps to change the font size for a client
  • 16:25 Sponsored by NativeScript
  • 17:55 What's the most perfect front-end project for you?
  • 23:30 Figuring out which parts are non-negotiable.
  • 27:57 What's a turf war you'd fight on a project?
  • 33:45 Sponsored by WordPress
  • 35:10 Any tips for the hiring process?
  • 43:05 The front-end developer deals with the browser - the client.
  • 45:00 It's ok if you're bad at something - hire someone who's not bad at it.
  • 51:00 Dribbble #1 Food for lovers
  • 55:09 Dribbble #2 Socialio
  • 57:07 Dribbble #3 Sibling
  • 1:00:20 Dribbble #4 Finance app
  • 1:04:00 Dribbble #5 Festival homepage
  • 1:11:00 Where to follow Brad online