Episode 335

How to Think Like a Front-End Developer with Sameera Kapila

Sameera Kapila is on to continue our How to Think Like a Front-End Developer series answering questions of what a job posting would look like, what the hardest part is of front-end development, what her ideal project would look like, and more!


Sameera Kapila

Web // Twitter

Designer at Thoughtbot, speaker & writer, #TechLadies City Organizer.

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  • 2:00 Are you a front-end developer?
  • 5:30 What would a job posting look like?
  • 14:00 What's the hardest part of front-end development?
  • 20:10 Sponsored by Sentry
  • 22:50 What's your ideal project?
  • 29:45 Is design thinking good for everyone?
  • 35:00 What's a war you're willing to fight?
  • 39:35 Sponsored by WordPress.com
  • 41:25 How could a job applicant impress you?
  • 44:30 Dribbble #1 Food for lovers
  • 46:10 Dribbble #2 Socialio
  • 48:25 Dribbble #3 Sibling
  • 50:45 Dribbble #4 Finance app
  • 52:02 Dribbble #5 Festival homepage
  • 54:00 How can people follow you?

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