297: Animation at Work with Rachel Nabors

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Rachel Nabors is back to ease in an update on animation on the web including the web animation API, animation and accessiblity, leaving animation to the last minute on projects, Greensock, and her book "Animation at Work".



Rachel Nabors

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  • 1:10 Introduction of our animated guest.
  • 2:10 Animation at Work description
  • 7:00 Psychology of color, design, and motion
  • 10:20 Accessibility and animation.
  • 18:20 Slack group for animation work
  • 24:45 Web animation API - what's up with that?
  • 39:25 Why do native apps have such an animation advantage to web apps?
  • 48:30 Video games animation compared to the web animation API
  • 51:00 Do we leave animation to the last minute?
  • 54:45 Libraries like Greensock