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  1. Episode 297

    Animation at Work with Rachel Nabors

    Rachel Nabors is back to ease in an update on animation on the web including the web animation API, animation and accessiblity, leaving animation to the last minute on projects, Greensock, and her book "Animation at Work".
  2. Episode 247

    The Performance Equation

    The performance equation: A panel discussion on web performance - webperf if you're fancy - Zach Leatherman, Eli Fitch, and Jack Doyle join Chris and Dave to talk all things performance.
  3. Episode 203

    With Rachel Nabors and Dan Wilson

    This week we talked with Rachel Nabors and Dan Wilson about the web animations API. How does it work alongside or replace other animation frameworks like Greensock. Listen and get excited about web animations!
  4. Episode 177

    With Sarah Drasner

    Sarah Drasner is the Senior UX Engineer at Trulia and she's obsessed with animation. In fact she's giving a workshop at Front End Masters about it (coming soon) called Advanced SVG Animation. She's on Shop Talk Show to talk animation framework options, style guides and 5W30 motor oil.