298: Gutenberg with Tammie Lister and Matias Ventura

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The new WordPress editor, codenamed Gutenberg, has people excited and nervous about what's going to happen to their WordPress sites. We've got 2 Automatticians who are working on the Gutenberg project to help answer some of the questions swirling around this big change.



Tammie Lister

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Matias Ventura

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  • 1:11 Introduction of Gutenberg
  • 4:00 What is Gutenberg and why is it a big deal?
  • 6:50 Why might some folks not be a fan of Gutenberg?
  • 12:00 Why is Automattic trying to kill WordPress?
  • 16:30 Dave mouthblogs the new interface.
  • 20:00 Content blocks are starting to show up everywhere.
  • 23:05 Use case for working with clients and Gutenberg.
  • 27:00 The same CSS on the front end will also work on the back end?
  • 28:20 Is theming now governed by the WordPress backend?
  • 30:38 A Gutenberg block is more than just PHP - it's very React-y
  • 35:30 So what ends up in the database?
  • 42:00 Using an HTML block lets you preview inline.
  • 42:50 What about header blocks?
  • 44:10 What about pre tag blocks for code embeds?
  • 46:00 How will images be handled in Gutenberg?
  • 49:22 Collaborative editing is coming to Gutenberg
  • 50:33 Can we rename Gutenberg or is it too late?
  • 53:20 What do you hope people will use Gutenberg for?
  • 58:30 Business opportunity for people.