272: Color Accessibility with Geri Coady

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We're talking color (colour if you please) on this episode: deciding on color, figuring out how many colors to use, and making sure people can actually see the color you intended are all part of the fun of designing on the web. We've got Geri Coady on to help us figure out why color accessibility is important and how to get started.



Geri Coady

Web · Social

Colour-obsessed illustrator + designer.

Time Jump Links

  • 3:41 Geri talks about her new book!
  • 7:44 How do you explain poor color choices to a client?
  • 9:40 What is color accessibility about and who is it for?
  • 12:30 What are some worst case scenarios if you ignore color accessibility?
  • 15:43 How do you fix color accessibility issues?
  • 25:30 If you're lazy, what's in it for a fancy pants designer? Business incentive?
  • 35:00 How do you talk with a designer who gets frustrated by color accessibility issues?
  • 41:35 How do you keep accessibility top of mind?
  • 48:28 People will quit your website if it's not readable or accessible.