Episode 016

With Ian Stewart

This week we were joined by Ian Stewart, a Theme Wrangler for Automattic working on WordPress themes for WordPress.com, the biggest Automattic project. We talk about (roughly in order):


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Ian Stewart

Web // Twitter

Ian leads the Wordpress.com theme division at Automattic.

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Time Jump Links
  • Chrome 20 supporting date and color input types as well as scoped CSS behind a flag
  • Running stable and canary Chrome side by side
  • Semicolons
  • About WordPress MultiSite
  • Dealing with clients who are confused about the "admin" of WordPress and when/if to bring the power of creating posts to the front end
  • The difference between WordPress and Drupal
  • Syncing databases (ramp)
  • Boilerplate theme with child themes, and overriding functions/parts of the parent
  • Are Gantt charts useful?
  • Can you break out into the industry without going to college?
  • How to spellcheck your site both within WordPress and the code itself. (After the Deadline, turn on spellcheck feature in your code editor)

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