015: with Jenn Lukas and Allison Wagner

This week we were joined by Jenn Lukas and Allison Wagner who are front end web developers at Happy Cog (Philadelphia).



Jenn Lukas

Web · Social

Jenn is a front end developer and host of the Ladies in Tech podcast.

Allison Wagner

Web · Social

Allison is a front end developer at Happycog.

Time Jump Links

  • Tim Kadlec's research on resource downloading
  • Drinking at Conferences (Ryan Funduck's blog post)
  • Single line vs. Multi line CSS (findability, information density, CSS3 issues, comments, etc)
  • Level of JavaScript knowledge
  • What to learn next / Is higher education necessary for a career in web development?
  • Dirty code / Clean code awareness
  • Meeting other front end devs (Montreal and elsewhere)
  • Do we use reference charts for HTML and CSS while coding, or is it all memorized? (We ended up talking about some generator tools like these two gradient generators)