004: With Longnecker and Croft

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This week we were joined by Jonathan Longnecker and Nate Croft, who together form FortySeven Media, a design studio focusing on web design, branding, and ExpressionEngine development.

Audiophiles, pardon the echo we'll work on that for the next show. We talked about (roughly in order):



Jonathan Longnecker

Web · Social

Jonathan is a designer and developer at FortySeven Media.

Nate Croft

Web · Social

Nate is a designer and developer at FortySeven Media.

Time Jump Links

  • Chris Taylor's Performer JavaScript library (let's revisit that next week).
  • Andreas Hedderich's noise technique.
  • Whether or not website building apps (e.g. Squarespace, Virb) are putting web designers out of business.
  • How personality can affect the clients you bring in.
  • Designing in the browser vs. designing in Photoshop / Illustrator / Fireworks.
  • Apologizing for not sharing Windows alternatives (but how it doesn't matter too much, since web == everywhere).
  • If there is every a good time to design for older browsers and leave it at that (not enhance for newer browsers at all).
  • Are there features of JavaScript we should watch for in older browsers, similar to how we have to watch out for non-support of HTML5 and CSS3 features.
  • Why Git/GitHub so popular and the workflow around it.