003: With Chris Eppstein

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This week we were joined by Chris Eppstein who is known for his work in the world of CSS preprocessing. But Chris has a deep history in the web, being a full stack developer for many years and for many different startups.

Like Compass? It's charity ware so if you like it Chris asks you donate to the United Mitochondrial Disease Foundation (UMDF).

This week, in loose order, we talk about:



Chris Eppstein

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Chris is a lead developer at LinkedIn.

Time Jump Links

  • A sweet new candidate for intro music by Chris Taylor.
  • Who various celebrities favorite HTML elements are.
  • How a preprocessor can help with better names for fonts, and ways to keep even that from being repetitive.
  • The difference between to similar looking CSS selectors.
  • How we might start thinking about JavaScript optimization.
  • Some "startup" tips.
  • How Coyier the Destroyer would win in a wrestling match against Chris Eppstein (after all the crying).
  • Sprites: why they are good and things to watch for (Compass helper).
  • Testing on mobile devices on a budget (Brad Frost's article).