063: With Rachel Nabors

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This week we were joined by Rachel Nabors, a cartoonist, illustrator, designer, and front end developer out of Raleigh, North Carolina. Rachel is highly interested in animations and sound in CSS and JavaScript. We talk about (roughly in order):



Rachel Nabors

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Rachel is a web animations expert at the W3C and part of the Microsoft Edge team.

Time Jump Links

  • 11:34 - hgroup removed from HTML 5.1
  • 16:25 - Copy vs. Design (Robert Williams, Tim Smith)
  • 21:40 - Blink, Chrome's new fork of WebKit
  • 31:15 - Will hover/mouseover events ever be as widely accepted on mobile and tablets as it is on the PC?
  • 48:50 - On a responsive website, what is the best way to take a section from the desktop version and turn it into a collapsible item at smaller resolutions?
  • 55:05 - I tried submitting some talks for conferences last year and all of them were rejected. I wonder if you guys had any advice on submitting talk proposals? (relevant link)