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  1. Episode 229

    Rapidfire 67

    We're answering your questions right after Dave finishes grinding his gears about SaaS. Programming after 30? Development environment possibilities? Getting content from clients? rems vs ems? Angular vs React metaphors?
  2. Episode 227

    Rapidfire 65

    Checking out a local dev site on your phone or tablet. The ebb and flow of IDE's. Styling checkboxes. Getting penalized for images that are too big. All this and more on this RAPIDFire episode of ShopTalk Show!
  3. Episode 197

    with Stacy Kvernmo

    Stacy Kvernmo, Senior UX Designer at [Collegis Education](http://collegiseducation.com), is on the show to help us answer questions about lazy loading, fine-tuning WordPress' dashboard, starter themes for WordPress, ways to work more efficiently, and how to handle tough work situations while trying to build websites.
  4. Episode 190

    Rapidfire 53

    RAPIDFIRE 53 Sass on remote servers, Dave's rysnc workflow, styling tooltips, leveling up as quick as Dave and Chris, archiving annual sites, poor performance with JS, minimizing requests in WordPress, modernizing legacy CSS, SEO, and more!
  5. Episode 187

    Rapidfire 51

    It's RAPID-FIRE time again and this week we're A'ing your Q's about local WordPress configs, feeling like an imposter, Atom's packages, file paths on Windows, style guide dictatorships, and so much more.