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  1. Episode 423

    Sleep Issues, Zoom Masters, Discord as the New Chat, Chris Goes Ruby, and Dave Folds Windows

    This episode we're talking about why we sleep, Zoom call etiquette and practices, spinning up Discord in 2020, Chris going Ruby, Dave working on CSS for foldable Windows devices, and what's the deal with masonry grid and layout?
  2. Episode 174

    Rapidfire 47

    We've got another RAPID-FIRE for you this week! Pew Pew Pew, Kaboom! We answer questions about managing SVG files, Ruby on Rails vs PHP, jQuery's new CSS framework, apps we're thankful for, Image Source Set, style guides, and vacations.
  3. Episode 167

    Rapidfire 44

    Another RAPID-FIRE for you this week; nothing but HOT question and answer madness. We answer questions about package management, inline-css, CSS frameworks, code editors, testing, and more!
  4. Episode 106

    With Nick Pettit

    This week we were joined by Nick Pettit, educator at Treehouse, an online learning platform.