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Another RAPID-FIRE for you this week; nothing but HOT question and answer madness.

We answer questions about package management, inline-css, CSS frameworks, code editors, testing, and more!

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Time Jumps

  1. I keep the code for my site on Github.
  2. I keep the 'content' folder in Dropbox.
  3. I install Dropbox on my server.
  4. I use Capistrano to deploy the code from Github to my server, and then have Capistrano create a symlink inside the Kirby CMS folder, pointing to the Dropbox 'content' folder. BAM

That way I can mess around with stuff, while keeping my content out of harms way. Also, for creating new content, I use nvALT (using markdown of course) on my Mac, which has a sweet preview panel that you can customize with your own CSS and HTML, so you get a real live preview of your posts with the exact same stylesheets that are on your website.


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