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135 With Bastian Allgeier

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Bastian Allgeier

Web // Twitter

Bastian is a designer, developer and creator of Kirby.

Show Description

This week we were joined by Bastian Allgeier. Bastian created and maintains Kirby, a file-based CMS. We take a deep dive into Kirby, other CMSs, and more.

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  • marcusherrmann

    Great episode!

    Here’s the forum post of ProcessWire’s creator Ryan Cramer that Bastian is referring to towards the end of the episode:

  • For “Ghost” users out there I ran across a pretty good search plugin called GhostHunter that you may find useful.

  • I didn’t know that ZooTools and Kirby came from the same guy 🙂
    Awesome episodes, thanks for the insights Bastian

  • EN: Great interview with Bastian Allgeier, the creator of Kirby CMS, about ZooTools and Kirby, how he came to Kirby and what is the business model behind it.
    I’m not a developer, but I’m a big fan of Kirby, running allready more than one website on Kirby and preparing to bring it to a broader non techy audience.
    Key factors for me were Kirby’s easy file-based set-up, fast content creation with my favorite text/markdown editors, availability of fully funtional high quality professional themes from third party web designers and Kirby’s pricing model.
    I appreciate very much Bastian’s approach to let people pay only for what they really like. Given the low license fee for Kirby, even small content creators can afford to buy more than one license.
    As Kirby 2 is coming up, the futur for authors, photographers and other content creators looks extremely promising. Thanks a lot Bastian and Sascha. Go on with your great work!

  • deeve007

    I had to laugh that the question about how “difficult” WordPress is came from someone who obviously doesn’t know very much about WordPress (ie. Custom Post Types are simple to do and don’t need a plugin, duh!). Irony anybody… 😉

  • Apple’s hamburger icon animates into a little “x” after it is selected. Might give an insight into why they would use only two lines.

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