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  1. Episode 163

    Rapidfire 43

    We hope you like Rapidfires cause we got another one for you this week! We answer questions about taking over a web service, if you should focus on building a team or a product first, carousel sliders, the merits of cover letters, grid systems, Flexbox, disruption in the web design industry, and more.
  2. Episode 160

    With Nicole Dominguez

    Nicole Dominguez joined us for a deep dive into SVG, HTML email, tables, and more.
  3. Episode 157

    With Alex Russell

    Alex Russell is a developer working on Chrome, Blink, and the Web Platform Team at Google in San Francisco. He also serves on ECMA TC39 (the standards body for JavaScript) and the W3C Technical Architecture Group. He took us on a deep dive into the future of the web, web components, standards, and more.
  4. Episode 154

    With Yesenia Perez-Cruz

    Yesenia Perez-Cruz currently works at [Intuitive Company](http://intuitivecompany.com/), where her role spans design strategy, user experience, and graphic design. She was previously a Senior Designer at [Happy Cog](http://happycog.com/).
  5. Episode 153

    With Mark Otto

    Mark Otto is the creator of of Bootstrap. He currently designs at GitHub, and previously worked at Twitter. Mark shared the origin story of Bootstrap and why there are so many websites made with it. We also discussed some of the other frameworks, Flexbox, and more.