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  1. Episode 168

    Rapidfire 45

    Another RAPID-FIRE for you this week; nothing but questions from our dear listeners and answers from your favorite podcast's hosts. We answer questions about hosting client sites pre-launch, CSS animation libraries, dealing with burnout, merge conflicts, deploying Wordpress sites, code portfolios, the importance of blogging and where you should publish your content, metrics to consider when re-designing a website, working with Wordpress's REST API, and more.
  2. Episode 160

    With Nicole Dominguez

    Nicole Dominguez joined us for a deep dive into SVG, HTML email, tables, and more.
  3. Episode 153

    With Mark Otto

    Mark Otto is the creator of of Bootstrap. He currently designs at GitHub, and previously worked at Twitter. Mark shared the origin story of Bootstrap and why there are so many websites made with it. We also discussed some of the other frameworks, Flexbox, and more.
  4. Episode 145

    With Sophie Shepherd

    This week we're joined by Sophie Shepherd. Sophie is a Senior Designer at Happy Cog Austin, organizes the Austin Dribbble Meetup, and teaches at Girl Develop It.
  5. Episode 127

    With Tobias Günther

    This week we were joined by Tobias Günther. Tobias is the founder and CEO of Fournova, the makers of Tower - the most powerful Git client for Mac. We take a deep dive into Git and version control.