169: With Tiffany Rayside

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Tiffany Rayside describes herself as a “Highly Idiosyncratic WebDev Hobbyist & CodePen Enthusiast”. We know her best as tmrDevelops on CodePen, where she's created some mind-blowing art using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

In this episode, we talk about how she creates her art, and we answer questions about Javascript, Github etiquette, and more.



Tiffany Rayside

Web · Social

Tiffany is a webdev hobbyist and CodePen enthusiast.

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  • 17:45 What do you think about Unsuck the Web?
  • 26:41 New Theme Song! Thanks, Chris Taylor!
  • 26:58 Our podcast editor, Aaron Dowd, started a podcast to help you learn how to podcast.
  • 28:21 I work at a company where I sometimes create small Javascript games for social media campaigns. I find it hard to code interactive things that support both mouse events and touch events. I haven’t found any good libraries that can help me with this. Any suggestions?
  • 35:41 How fluent do I need to be at JavaScript before identifying as a Front End Developer?
  • 43:02 I’ve got a question about Github/Open Source etiquette. I built a simple javascript module for creating resizable containers and open sourced it on Github. This is my first legit open source project, and I’ve had a positive response from the community. It’s been fun and rewarding seeing people modify my code and use it in their own projects. That said, I have a pull request that makes some great changes, but it also has some changes that I’d rather omit. Is there a “correct” way to merge PART of their code while still giving them credit?
  • 53:13 I am currently in the navy as an aviation electronics technician. I am separating form the navy and plan to go to jr. college in the fall. Over the years I’ve developed a fascination over A.I./machine learning, however I originally joined the navy to use the G.I. bill to go to school for graphic design / web design. If I learn web design during school, would that knowledge benefit towards skills used for A.I., or would it be time better spent learning the languages needed for A.I.?