171: With Lara Schenck

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Lara Schenck is an independent web consultant and educator in New York City.



Lara Schenck

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Lara is a freelance web consultant and educator based in Los Angeles.

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  • 31:57 Hi Lara! I know you work a lot with Wordpress. What do you think of the new Layers Site Builder on Envato?
  • 41:10 Hi Lara! It’s Ben, your brother. Hope you’re doing a great job on your Shoptalk show thus far. I’m not sure if you’ve admitted this to anybody, but I will: Lara grew up on a llama farm for the first 18 years of her life with me. Lara, I’d like you to tell everyone what kind of impact the llamas have had on your very successful web design and consulting career.
  • 46:20 In a previous episode there was some talk about how important it is to have a Github profile when searching for jobs. I was wondering if you had any tips on how to build a good Github profile if, like me, you’re not quite the Github type. What would you do if your time was limited, but you feel like having a showcase of code on Github is the only way to get noticed by the companies you’d like to work for?