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315 CSS Blocks with Chris Eppstein

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Chris Eppstein

Web // Twitter

An open source hacker and stylesheet architect at LinkedIn.

Show Description

Chris Eppstein is back on the show to talk about his new project CSS Blocks and how it works, what kinds of projects it's best for, and how it integrates with other frameworks on the web.

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  • ben

    doesn’t writting CSS in this way mean you have to write the same css
    again and again? E.g. two different buttons and instead of writting one
    class now i have to write two sets of css for teh different buttons…?

  • James Hamann

    Seems cool. Also seems like the bestuse case for it is if you are using another framework like react. I guess for someone like me who is using a simple gulp and sass setup it might help with removing unused css

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