314: Flexible Type Setting with Tim Brown

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Tim Brown is our guest to talk about his new book coming soon called Flexible Typesetting from A Book Apart.


Tim Brown

Tim Brown

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  • 2:00 Guest introduction
  • 5:20 Typography hasn't ever been forced to change like it has now.
  • 8:40 There's no font-size: make it look right.
  • 12:45 What do we have in our toolbox to help with typography on the web?
  • 14:50 Troubleshooting Dave's blog.
  • 18:20 The relationship among elements has to change.
  • 20:00 The idea of CSS locks.
  • 27:30 Sponsored by An Event Apart
  • 29:15 Heading ramp.
  • 34:00 Variable fonts make life easier and more complicated.
  • 40:50 Sponsored by LogRocket
  • 42:25 What are tools we can already use?
  • 52:20 What's the easiest bad mistake to make with typography.
  • 59:00 Fallbacks to web fonts.