316: Customer Experience with Gerry McGovern

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Gerry McGovern is our guest this week to talk about listening to your customers, what big companies do right and wrong, how to avoid living in the past, and consulting Chris on how a new feature for CodePen could be developed.


Gerry McGovern

Gerry McGovern

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Involved in web customer experience since 1994.

Time Jump Links

  • 1:00 Guest introduction
  • 4:30 Listening and taking care of your potential clients.
  • 7:00 The new billboard is the current customer.
  • 12:30 The big companies are doing great at customer service.
  • 16:10 Sponsored by Logrocket
  • 17:40 How do you build trust in your company with your customers?
  • 23:30 Living in the past because of fear.
  • 25:50 Using the wrong customer insight when making decisions.
  • 31:20 Recommendations for data sources
  • 39:20 The worst way to design digital is 5 smart people in a room drinking lattes.
  • 42:20 Sponsored by Jetpack
  • 43:50 Mouth blogging a possible CodePen feature
  • 49:20 As a product gets older, does it get easier or harder to use?
  • 52:00 Is your gut ever right about what customers might want?