317: Designing with Laura Elizabeth

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If you're a developer who's struggled with design, you're going to love this episode! Laura Elizabeth stops by the show to talk about her course called Design Academy that teaches developers how to design better marketing sites.


Laura Elizabeth

Laura Elizabeth

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  • 1:10 Guest introduction
  • 7:45 Explaining Design Academy
  • 13:20 Are you starting in an app or in HTML/CSS?
  • 16:05 Dave's tooling and Sketch vs Photoshop vs ?
  • 20:20 Sponsored by Rollbar
  • 21:50 Are you focusing on marketing or app UI design as well?
  • 25:20 Marketing sites are often an after thought.
  • 29:15 A tool like Figma that allows for collaboration.
  • 34:20 How do developers get started with design?
  • 43:05 Sponsored by HelloSign
  • 43:50 What things are resonating with developers who take the course?
  • 49:50 How to make a template or resource work with your branding.
  • 52:50 Where and how can folks follow Laura?