318: Are You Leaking? Tell Us Where!

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We're back answering your questions about getting old and also the web. On this episode we're talking about web components, view source in text editors, job application process, using canvas for animations, cleaning up CSS, coding bootcamps, and more.


Chris Coyier and Dave Rupert in silly sunglasses and a sign that says Shawp Tawlkk Shough DOT COM

Chris Coyier and Dave Rupert

This episode is with just Chris & Dave, ShopTalk Show's hosts. Chris is the co-founder of CodePen and creator of CSS-Tricks, and Dave is lead developer at Paravel.

Time Jump Links

  • 1:40 What happened to web components?
  • 11:30 Do any text editors allow you to view source the way Chrome Dev Tools have code folding?
  • 16:10 Text editor extension party
  • 22:35 Sponsored by Netlify
  • 24:30 How much effort do I put into completing a test for a potential employer?
  • 30:50 What's the deal with using canvas elements for complex animations?
  • 36:40 My ultimate question is, if bandwidth isn't the issue, is the juice worth the squeeze when trying to clean up dead CSS?
  • 45:15 Sponsored by
  • 46:10 Do you consider scrolling to be an active action?
  • 49:10 Follow up: We tracked the default font sizes of visitors on the Internet Archive site and I published them in this Medium post.
  • 53:30 What do coding bootcamps need to do, or to teach, or to prove to be more successful?