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313 Twitching and Prototyping

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Dave gives a lesson on streaming, and your questions on the future of PSD to markup, tools for prototyping, what to study in 2018, and CSS Grid vs Flexbox. Thanks bro!

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  • James Hamann

    I’ve run into one real world example where I needed something grid could do but flexbox could not, same height elements over multiple rows, where the largest element determines the height. Flexbox doesn’t do that, each row of elements has it’s own dynamic height unless you explicitly define a value, but those are not that dynamic (em or px). With grid you can use a rule to have all rows be the same height and that height be determined by the tallest element, and it is very simple to add to a flexbox layout as a supplement:

  • The tool you talked about for prototyping + client review/revision + “becomes-the-real-site-when-done” is basically what Webflow is. It’s a visual designer which is also the CMS which can also be tied to Webflow hosting, which also has public link ability for revisions/review. It’s fast enough for prototyping (copy/paste elements from a library or sample site etc). So your prototypes can be reviewed by the client, at the same time you can design the “real” site, and when ready the whole prototype can simply become the live site when going public.

    If you don’t choose Webflow hosting, you can export the code in certain account types. But essentially, the client then takes over and they can pretty much continue editing the site visually.

    I haven’t used Webflow myself but it does tick those boxes mentioned in the episode. I also hate the idea of spending hours and hours prototyping only to have to start from scratch to build the live site. But other than Webflow, I don’t know any other easy ways to make prototyp-to-production a less time-consuming ordeal.

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