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312 CSS in JS Edition

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Chris & Dave compare music store conferences to tech conferences, podcasts as coworkers, and follow up the min/max discussion from #308 before diving in to your questions on CSS in JS, merging Angular and React projects, picking a Windows laptop for testing, and how to break the 12 column grid mindset.

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  • James Hamann

    I feel like SASS and BEM solved the growing stylesheet problem already. Why are people still trying to solve it? You template out your css, you style it based on components, you use a naming convention that makes sense. Then you know what’s currently in production and what’s not.

  • Christopher Payne

    I was listening and thinking about your browser and operating system testing. Wouldn’t it be helpful to have a PC machine that is lower in specs and capabilities to help experience the lowest common denominator of machines? Of course a nice Surface Pro would be a great daily tool but if you are a Mac user and plan on using it all day, the $100-$150 machine with Windows 8.1 may catch more bug scenarios than the shiny new one.

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