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279 RIP HTML Imports

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Show Description

Dave's fired up about HTML5 and is ready to quit web design, podcast production, is there a Picture element like the Video element, work/life balance, and more!

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  • frankiejr

    When you said “Alexa, who is Yogi Berra?” it said exactly what you joked about. “Yogi Bear is cartoon character…” Alexa cracks me up.

  • Jim W

    Just so you know, the show notes didn’t make it to overcast — cuts off right before “interested in sponsoring?”

  • ericbutler555

    Funny episode! :hot-drama-sound-effect: Dave, you’re awesome. Really nice to hear someone deep in the web-dev community who’s not so gung-ho about JavaScript swallowing every other language. No one seems to care about separating concerns in these JS frameworks: Inline style tags and back-tick-escaped HTML are now _best practices_? Nope nope. Really hoping I can coast through the next couple years of front-end trends until another framework comes out that actually respects the fact that HTML and CSS are languages that should be written unto themselves.

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