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270 SVG and Sketch with Peter Nowell

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Peter Nowell

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Show Description

It's our SVG Sketch-a-thon. We've got Peter Nowell on who's the Sketchmaster to talk about SVG workflows, animation workflow, plugins for Sketch, and how working in software like Sketch is great but you should still know the code.

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Time Jumps


  • Speaking of lowering the bar for animating SVG – check out the incredible options with Keyshape – It’s macOS only, but jeepers – it’s super simple to experiment with animation AND even keep the anim as part of the SVG.

  • It’s nice to see some competition in this field of graphic design tools. The latest that cought my attention is Gravit Designer, which resembles a lot from Sketch and Illustrator. The latest version let’s you import Sketch files. It could be a killer app… 😉

  • Jim W

    Hey hey! Just so you know, the Time Jumps and Links aren’t showing in Overcast show notes. Thanks for all you do!

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