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Chris Enns

Web // Twitter

Podcast editor & producer for hire.

Show Description

We're talking with our podcast editor, Chris Enns, all about how we put together ShopTalk Show episodes as well as some tips and advice on podcasting in general: what kind of equipment to buy, making money from podcasts, editing tips, and how do Chris and Dave prep for a ShopTalk Show episode? (Do they prep?)

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  • This is a great episode! As a web developer, and podcast/audio engineer, I am constantly looking for shows about web design. Shop Talk is one of the only shows that I can enjoy because the audio quality is good. Sooooooooo many of the web podcasts have terrible audio quality, and just makes it difficult to listen to. I hope the content on this helps other podcasters up their game.

  • Colin Lancaster

    You might look at a compressor for addressing variable audio issues and DON’T want to use a noise gate. Check out the FMR RNC: You can plug directly in with an XLR cord. You can also use it in post-production. I love this compressor and have used it extensively. Easily the best compressor you can get for the money. Typically goes for < $200.

  • Jörn Zander

    I don’t think your intro track/ title music is too long. I listen myself through your archive, sometimes more than one episode a day (I do a lot of driving) plus every new episode and I never got tired or fed up by the opening music. I actually enjoy it every time its playing.

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