259: Rapidfire 86

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Dave and Chris are back together for a Rapidfire episode talking about the modern 2017 stack for front end development, Sass vs native CSS, best practices for HTML comments, Microsoft’s efforts with Linux, database cleaning, and the ongoing Atomic CSS debate.


  • 22:25 What is the best practice for HTML comments?
  • 28:30 The Mac use among developers might not be as prevalent as you think. Are you following what Microsoft is doing with WSL?
  • 36:00 I remember Dave said something about cleaning up his database on some site. Deleting row´s I guess. Which rows in the database can you safely remove? That won´t somehow break your site but just speed/clean it up.
  • 47:10 Where do you guys fall when it comes to ordering your CSS properties in a declaration?
  • 53:00 I heard you guys briefly mention “tachyons” in a recent Rapidfire episode. Have you guys spent some time with it beyond just playing around for a few minutes?


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