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What's the most performant way to do snowflakes on your website? ShopTalkShow Smackdown - margin-top vs padding-bottom! Normalize, sanitize, and resets. What's up with jQuery? Can not using jQuery be slower? When do you use event modules? What should you mark up your pizza (site) with?

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  • Michael Kjeldsen ツ

    You talk about “Six Things” as a sort of work management framework. Sounds interesting – could you elaborate? 🙂

  • Digivonity

    Being this your last show for 2016, I would like to thank you for all your efforts to be less guru possible about the topics you discuss. Being a 50+ (thanks for covering that) soon to be front-end developer who’s making a career change (thanks for covering that to), I find your shows quite inspiring and very encouraging.

    Btw. on the topic of css resets and what not: wouldn’t it be a great goal to avoid at least that the browser gets to re-paint elements over and over again because of too many overlapping rules?

    Ben Scheffer

  • Frederick Rincon

    Great talk 🙂

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