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This week it's another RAPID-FIRE!!! Nothing but Thanksgiving turkey hangover and hot question and answer madness!

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  • David Kizler

    Just a quick note that “option+drag” does/should repeat elements within Also pressing “command+d” after “option+drag” will duplicate that same distance and drag.

    Finally, it does take undoing some muscle memory to stop pressing “V” for the select tool like in Adobe. “V” in Sketch is the pen/vector tool, but go for “escape” and you will have the select tool by default in Sketch.

    • chriscoyier

      I think it’s text specifically where it doesnt.

      • David Kizler
        • chriscoyier

          NICE. Dammit I swear to god it didn’t work earlier. Maybe the last update changed it. Or more likely I’m insane. But I swear it wasn’t just me either, I was sitting right next to another designer who was complaining about it and I tried it and it didn’t work for me either. oh well problem solved.

        • David Kizler

          Ok, hopefully the animated gif police are on vacay today, but you can also hold shit+option to ensure you drag things in alignment. It took me several real projects to transition from Fireworks to Sketch and unlearn years of Adobe, but once I got the Sketch shortcuts down, Fireworks now feels like a distant memory.

          • asecondwill

            Thanks for these tips, nice work!

  • Greg Sweet

    When I build a slider in WordPress I like to use Flexslider 2 with Advanced Custom fields. If you need something simple like testimonial quotes that slide in & out, use a repeater field “if page equal to…” You can also make a post type “Slide” and apply all the cool fields to it, for example a select field that adds a list of classes to apply to each slide, then hook that into Flexslider. Add the Post Types Order plugin and you can drag & drop the order of your slides.

  • I actually built a slider script for that accommodates multiple sliders on a page that also changes the amount of visible items at a certain width. All styling is done with css, but the JS needs to know how many items are visible (which could be calculated via css width), the total number of items in the slider, the width of the items, and any margins in between. On a resize, it goes through and checks/recalculates widths and determines the max scroll amount and the current scroll amount. It could definitely be built more generic, but it could work as a basis.

    There’s also a microsite inside this site that uses it with a visible marker to show the position of the slider that uses the same script.

  • Michael Hicks

    Super simple responsive slider:

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