117: Rapidfire 29

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This week it’s another RAPIDFIRE!!! Nothing but HOT question & answer action.

We talked about (roughly in order):

Q & A:

  • 2:25 With this trend of big background images and full with slider, which size of images do you recommend to have a balance between size and weight?
  • 7:56 What’s the best way to handle SVGs?
  • 23:37 Why don’t browsers just include various versions of jquery within the end user machine, loading it as they encounter usage?
  • 27:36 You’ve mentioned Harvest as a tool for time-tracking and invoicing; are there any other tools you would suggest, specifically for expense tracking?
  • 36:36 What do all of you think of Netflix disabling the developer console in Chrome? Will this become popular in the future? Is it unethical?
  • 40:35 Inline-block grid systems won’t render correctly in Safari 7. It works fine on Safari 6, ffox and Chrome but fails miserably on Safari 7. Any solutions or advice?
  • 43:50 I have recently started to do some freelance web design, I am confident in my pricing however when writing up emails to a potential client giving them an estimate I feel that there is room for improvement. How does Dave/Paravel approach this, do you send some kind of template or something else?
  • 49:25 Going back to something raised in podcast #103 about getting server-side variables into javascript, what is the most pure way of putting server-side data into javascript?
  • 54:37 I’m curious how you manage passwords when working with clients. How do you securely send passwords to clients?
  • 59:19 I’m in my 40’s and to be honest, agencies are looking for people on their 20’s. Is this web design world a place for only youngsters?


  • 20:16 Campaign Monitor – Campaign Monitor makes it easy to attract new subscribers, send
 them beautiful email newsletters and see stunning reports on the results. We use it for our Shoptalk newsletter. Check out their free eBook available with their top 100 email campaigns, it’s a great dose of inspiration for 2014.
  • 33:52 Environments for Humans – CSS Dev Conf – The first conference devoted to CSS, the design language of the web, returns for its third year on October 13-15, 2014. This time to New Orleans! Tons of great speakers, including Chris Coyier, Rebecca Murphy, Dan Cedarholm, Estelle Way, Jonathan Snook, Rachal Nabors, and more! Go vote for your favorite talk, and pick up tickets today!

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  • I use Harvest for time-tracking and invoicing. It will also track expenses, but I don’t use it for that because I use GoDaddy Bookkeeping for simple accounting. It’s like Mint.com for business.

    You should also look at SitePoint’s recent posts on time-tracking and accounting tools.

    For password management, I love LastPass. It lets you share passwords securely with any other LastPass user. For those who don’t use LastPass, I use https://oneshar.es/ to create self-destructing links.

  • Another password management tool we used for sharing was https://www.passpack.com/

  • alphaLlama

    Re: injecting server-side vars into js

    Unholy template-based injections do break aggressive caching strategies, but the bigger issue there (imo) is maintainability and SoC goes to hell.

    My fav sol’n here is to use cookie data. Accessible to both BE and FE, doesnt break caching or have awful code smell about it. In general, I try to avoid situation alltogeth3r tho


  • Dustin Leer

    Another great way to do some expense tracking and invoiceing/time tracking is Freshbooks http://www.freshbooks.com/