079: With Travis Miller

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This week we were joined by Travis Miller, a full stack developer at SPARK. Chris and Dave met Travis at Front End Conf where he gave a talk about hip hop and the web. We talk about (roughly in order):


9:24 Why You Shouldn’t Tell That Random Girl On The Street That She’s Hot

Q & A:

  • 14:40 What is the future of layout; CSS Grid or Flexbox?
  • 22:32 Data URI vs linked image?
  • 32:24 What solutions could you recommend for someone looking to provide video training with a paywall on their website? How would you handle memberships? Is Vimeo business secure?
  • 39:36 What would you guys use if you were building a e-commerce site for a small store today?
  • 47:28 I work for an agency looking to move from going “commando” with FTP over to git, sass, etc. What should we do when a client asks for FTP access?
  • 52:34 Are there any performance hits or gotchas by simply linking to Google web fonts instead of downloading them?
  • 57:04 There are a few ways people replace images with text.
    Which is the best, considering performance and crossbrowser compatibility?


  • 46:09 Enviornments for Humans – Digital Biz Summit They’re gathering freelance, agency leads, and project managers to discuss how they handle projects, cultivate positive culture, and maintain effective communication from clients to employees (and also make money without losing their shirt).

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  • asecondwill

    Lemonstand is ace. ecommerce on wordpress is only ok for the most basic of sites. Spree on rails also looks really good.

  • Adam Blum

    Thanks for using my joke guys!

    • David Hughes

      The “what is the largest terminal command” joke?
      I still don’t get it.

      • Adam Blum

        sass –watch. Like sasquatch.

        • David Hughes

          Thanks! I didn’t get it ‘cos I’m English. That’s my excuse, anyway.

  • Wow, the every website opens like hip hop thing.. Can’t believe I didn’t notice that before!

  • Huge thanks for the FoxyCart shout out. 🙂