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049 With David Walsh

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David Walsh

Web // Twitter

David is a senior web developer at Mozilla.

Show Description

David Walsh is a MooTools lover, recent Mozilla-er, and (for a final "M"), fellow original Madisonian with Chris. David has been writing at his blog The David Walsh Blog for over five years. We talk about (roughly in order):

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  • Google Analytics only measures those with JavaScript enabled. For a large majority, this won’t track any web robots (think comment spamming bots in WordPress). If your stats package is something like AWStats (server log processing) you are getting inaccurate results – since it measures every hit under the sun which don’t translate into real users. No harm is having multiple stats apps running, I’d encourage it. Keep in mind with Google you can do some crazy customizations, like event tracking, it was the best reporting available as well IMO.

  • pacomerh

    What does David Walsh means by jquery and other libraries being a big chunk of code, I just looked at mootools and its almost the same size..?
    Seems like David is ignoring jQuery because he invested a lotta time on Mootools already

    • It means that MooTools allows you to pick *only the components you want.* jQuery has always been a download-everything-no-matter-what-you-actually-use library.

    • I thought jQuery 1.9 or 2.0 or something was going modular too, but now I can’t find any reference to that. =/

      • They used to have a builder for 1.8, but I can’t find it anymore. I’m fairly sure that’s where it’s going. Paul Irish mentioned that in Ep 2.

    • csuwldcat

      Because jQuery (until 2014) is a monolithic library, you have to use the whole thing as one big ass hunk – it’s not made to be modular. MooTools is composed of modules that you can chose to use or not, and that includes the actual Core MooTools library. With MooTools, if you don’t want Request, don’t include it. Don’t need Animations? Don’t include it. The other difference, is that MooTools is a bit more advanced in code style and low-level features it provides – Class is an awesome object if you use it right.

  • Kanga Bell

    About wrist issues, the “time out” app I use is called Time Out. I still have a lot of issues with my shoulder/arm/wrist, but now that I take a quick stretch every 10 minutes and a short break every hour it’s a lot better.

  • Eduardo Kranz

    Hey guys, can you share the “transformer” keyboard photo?

  • Guest

    Chris why do you always sigh like you don’t want to be there?

    • chriscoyier


  • EMiner

    Hey guys,

    You kindda got the first question a wrong. The
    person was asking about the REM unit which is distinctly different than
    the EM unit. I’m using it for font sizing and for element sizing too.
    REMs work fin with padding in my experience.


  • mulegoat

    Always wondered what happened to Soh Tanaka…i miss that guy (sniff)

  • Steve

    I dealt with severe back issues to the point where I couldn’t spend a whole day sitting at a computer. I started physio and they had me do back targeted “core” exercises and after 3 months I feel great. If you spend 8+ hours a day at the puter, don’t ignore the core.

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