284: The Value of HTML and CSS with Mandy Michael and Lara Schenck

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Jobs hunting and the frustration with job titles. Why isn't it ok to only know HTML and CSS in 2017? Why do bootcamps seem to focus on javscript so much? We're joined by Lara and Mandy for this episode to try and figure all of this out.



Mandy Michael

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Lara Schenck

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  • 2:30 Introduction of Mandy.
  • 7:01 Introduction of Lara.
  • 10:00 Is it ok to only know HTML?
  • 18:00 What isn't it ok to only know HTML and CSS?
  • 26:00 Responsive design is hard and should be included as a job description.
  • 29:00 Is short term thinking hurting us in the long run?
  • 32:30 Why do most bootcamps focus on javascript?
  • 37:00 Why is there pressure to know the newest, latest, hottest?
  • 46:10 How does someone find a good job that suits a true designer/developer?
  • 1:02:00 What value do HTML/CSS developers bring?