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171 With Lara Schenck

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Lara Schenck

Web // Twitter

Lara is a freelance web consultant and educator based in Los Angeles.

Show Description

Lara Schenck is an independent web consultant and educator in New York City.

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  • Phillip Long

    Who says you can’t solve “FizzBuzz” with some simple HTML, CSS, and JS knowledge?

  • peep5how

    Holy crap, I know Reddit is a bit mental, and some subreddits absolutely insane, but in a place like /r/programming – which is clearly established to act as a place to seek advice, support, resources and learn – I wouldn’t have expected such an obnoxious attack on a on a blog like Lara’s.

    I totally agree with the sentiment of Lara’s piece. The true copy & paste criminal in this case is the author of the job listing. Not the versatile digital creative, who actively uses the resources at hand, making the most of the proud open sharing and collaboration our industry is founded on. I suppose a conceptual thought piece is a bit too hard for such logical minds to comprehend.

    According to the first two rules of reddiquette.
    • Remember the human. When you communicate online, all you see is a computer screen. When talking to someone you might want to ask yourself “Would I say it to the person’s face?” or “Would I get jumped if I said this to a buddy?”
    • Adhere to the same standards of behaviour online that you follow in real life.

    I wonder if any of them would spout like that in real life. If so I think RioBrewster’s comment really does hit the nail on the head.

    Keep on keeping on.

    code > copy > paste > customise > compile > cocktail

  • Logic

    How can these people call themselves programmers.

    • chriscoyier

      All three of us literally have CAREERS as programmers! I think we’re doing a damn fine job of it, too.

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