Episode 276

Web Components

On this episode we're discussing web components, what happens when a project goes wrong, how to teach Javascript from the beginning, and what to do when someone steals your code?



Chris Coyier and Dave Rupert

This episode is with just Chris & Dave, ShopTalk Show's hosts. Chris is the co-founder of CodePen and creator of CSS-Tricks, and Dave is lead developer at Paravel.

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  • 1:50 The roller coaster of web components discussions.
  • 30:40 I'm considering getting professional liability insurance in case the client decides to bring a lawsuit - is there an AIGA equivalent for web professionals?
  • 41:39 What do you think is important to teach when it comes to javascript and frontend development?
  • 50:21 Recently, I discovered that someone had copied my code and used it for their website. Has this ever happened to either of you? If so, what actions did you take?

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