248: AMP

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Getting AMP'd with AMP. We're going to talk about the #hotdrama about AMP with a couple of AMP experts.



Barb Palser

Web · Social

Barb is chief product officer at Relay Media.

Paul Bakaus

Web · Social

Paul is an open web developer advocate at Google.

Time Jump Links

  • 1:06 What is AMP?
  • 9:37 What problems is AMP trying to solve?
  • 15:15 AMP is a wake up call but also a stop-gap solution.
  • 16:35 A lot of people consider AMP an enemy to the web.
  • 18:20 Is AMP a Google product?
  • 21:20 How do you land on an AMP page from a UX perspective?
  • 23:40 Articles written against AMP pages.
  • 32:20 What do you do when you work on AMP pages locally?
  • 33:02 Why does the AMP image tag exist?
  • 37:00 I'm on AMP sites and images below the fold never load?
  • 40:01 Publishers live and die by ads.
  • 43:20 Does AMP have a bias towards Google properties? i.e. AMP YouTube
  • 47:30 What's the benefit for a developer doing a Google AMP site? Are developers punished for not doing a Google AMP site?
  • 55:50 Using AMP vs Facebook Instant Articles vs Apple News - all just forms of syndication?
  • 1:00:02 What makes a good AMP site?
  • 1:02:25 Issues with plugins and CMS' and AMP.
  • 1:03:03 Could we be wrong betting it all on AMP?