148: With Nathaniel Deal

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Nathaniel Deal is a front end developer that works at 352 Inc. in Atlanta. We discuss his custom nerf gun + Arduino setups, developing locally with Codekit, responsive tables, designing for Apple Watch and other small screens, and so much more.



Nathaniel Deal

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Nathaniel is a front end developer at Mailchimp.

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  • 14:40 Wellington adds the missing piece to SASS, file awareness. Wellington can create relative paths to your assets and sprites from images in the image directory. This tool is designed to work directly from sass, no need learning a new language or messing with separate spriting tools!
  • 23:00 With the increased popularity of the Grunt task runner, have you guys migrated away from Codekit all together or are you using both Codekit & Grunt simultaneously (or just Codekit)? If I'm a lone designer / developer not working on a team, shouldn't Codekit have all the functionality I need?
  • 30:23 I frequently hear that using display:none to hide elements that only appear at certain breakpoints is bad practice. What's the better, preferred method?
  • 33:57 I have a question about responsive websites and SEO. I'm a WordPress developer and usually I have 2 menus for a responsive website, a main menu for large screens, and a mobile menu. Will I get penalized in SEO for having this second menu?
  • 39:22 Do we need to start thinking about how our websites will look on smart watch size screens?
  • 44:12 What are some good strategies for dealing with tabular data in responsive design?
  • 48:25 Standards pushed us to code more consciously. RWD put the focus on accessibility and performance. What's the next big thing?
  • 55:06 What's the best way to transition to a Flexbox layout for a more established site? Does it require a full rework, or is there a way to introduce it gradually? Which makes more sense?