Episode 100

With Rachel Andrew

This week we were joined by Rachel Andrew, author and purveyor of Perch, a lightweight PHP content management system.


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Rachel Andrew

Web // Twitter

Rachel is a web developer, writer, speaker and co-creator of Perch.

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  • 10:23 CSS Regions Considered Harmful
  • 16:40 Squarespace Logo
  • 21:06 Google Webfonts: The Spy Inside
  • 26:55 One thing that's not very well known is that Perch actually pre-renders it's PHP into static pages. How does Perch compare to static site generators like Jekyll?
  • 35:30 Do you have suggestions or best practices for creating a website search?
  • 41:24 I was wondering what ratio of new comers to Perch CMS are new to CMS (in general or migrating from another CMS)?
  • 44:00 Is it easier to start coding into static html files, or just start building the template files (includes, etc)?
  • 49:49 What are the best books for people who are thinking of starting up a small web shop or agency?
  • 50:55 I've been working for a few years now and I'm thinking about hiring some help. How do I go about making sites from a local computer, and start making websites as a team?
  • 54:10 If you have a big image carousel or just lots of images, do you ever think about implementing the webp image format in your site or is it really not worth the time?

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